Raeez Review

Raeez, the much awaited Bollywood flick directed by Rahul Dholakia and starred by Sharukh Khan had hit the screens on the 25th January. The movie revolves around the life of a character named Raeez Alam who runs liquor business in Gujarat. The film is set in the period of 1980’s and 1990’s. Raeez runs illegal liquor business and an ACP named Majmudar is in charge to pull him down from his high position in the society. It is more or less like a cat and mouse game between Raeez and the ACP, but told it in a realistic manner with ample mass elements for the fans of Sharukh Khan.
Sharukh Khan plays Raeez who is been called Battery by the bullies, because of the spectacles used by him. The film begins showing his childhood and it shows how he comes in to this liquor business and become a part of liquor mafia in the town. Later the movie shows his growth as a don kind of figure in the state and it also shows how his personal and family life moves forward. Navasudheen Siddique had played the ACP who is chasing Raeez.
The first half of the movie is a well-packed one with realistic but thrilling approach. The punch dialogues and mass elements were great. But when it comes to the second half, the film lagged here and there. It seems the director was confused a little, when he tried to tell the plot realistically, yet providing mass elements for the common audience and fans of Sharukh.
Sharukh was great and his performance as Raeez was one of his best as well. The screen presence and dialogue delivery style of him was stunning. The energy he brings to the film was awesome as well. Navasudheen Siddique was stunning too and at times he overshadowed Sharukh Khan. Atul Kulkarni, Mahira Khan, Muhammad etc also done really well. Sunny Leone had come with an item number and sizzled too.
KU Mohanan’s DOP was superb and Ram Sampath’s music was just average. But the background scoring was too good.
In Total, Raeez is a decent entertainer which will not disappoint you if you go without the burden of expectation. Watch it for the amazing performances that came from Sharukh Khan and Navasudheen Siddique.


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