Pushpaka Vimana Review

Pushpaka Vimana was one of the much awaited movie in Sandalwood, which has been the 100th movie of popular actor Ramesh Aravind. This film was all about a mentally challenged father who lives with his daughter. Both of them are crazy about planes. When he tries to get a toy plane that his daughter wanted, he ends up in jail. He was wrongly accused of a crime which he did not committed. Then the film shows us the tale of that father and daughter, wants to be together or trying to be together.
The film is very different from the usual feel good comedy or emotional dramas done by Ramesh Aravind in the past. This is such a beautiful movie and it gives us a great feel of magical visuals and audio, and takes us to the world of that father and daughter. The film begins with Rachita Ram, who takes us to the life of Aravind as a Father. His life with his daughter was normal and perfect till the moment they come across the toy plane which turs their life upside down. Even though he ends up in prison, his innocence and love help him make prison his home. The flick shows us his desire to meet his daughter, fight for justice and also his relationship with the inmates in the prison.
Bhuvan Gowda’s DOP has been the highlight of the movie as he provided some magical visuals. The music from Charan Raj was soulful and it transport us to the world of that father and daughter quite easily. It has its own pace and it never make you bored as a viewer. S Ravindranath had done a great job as a director and he needs appreciation for the way he paced the narration and presented it on screen.
Ramesh Aravind and Yuvina Parthavi had given a sterling performance in this movie along with artists like Ravi Kale, who also given a superb performance in it. Ramesh Aravind could not have got a more beautiful character than this one to play in his 100th movie. Rachita Ram, Mandeep Roy, Sudhakar, Juhi Chawla etc also done their part well.
This is a beautiful tale of relationship and will never disappoint you if you are a lover of classy entertainers which fills your mind with emotions. The dialogues, the performances, the music and visuals will definitely touch your heart.