Preethi Prema Review

Preethi Prema Review

PreethiPrema is the movie which was directed by Kashi and it was the main release in Kannada this week. This flick presents before us, the story of younger generation and it revolves around the characters of a boy and girl who falls in love. It presents the events that happens around them when they are in a relationship and it shows us the incidents that happens between them as well.

Prem is a young man (played by Krishna Chaithanya) who fall in love with a girl. But that girl leaves him heartbroken after deceiving him. At the same time we have been presented with a girl’s story as well. Her name is Preethi who also upset with love and decides to stay away from boys to the maximum she can. The film shows us what happens when these two meet each other in their life.

The presence of lot of newcomers made this movie fresh and that youthful energy makes it a better one. It is a Kannada remake of a Telugu movie, but the team behind the movie had worked really well to make it a watchable entertainer and they had adapted the story to Kannada very well. Screenplay by the director was very good and he managed to make the audience engaged till the very end.

BharathBj and JB are the music directors of this flick and we have to say that their songs are the highlight of this movie. The visuals were great and the picturisation of the songs came out very well. Krishna Chaithanya had made a very good debut and he was cool in action sequences and he danced very well as well.

NidhiKushalappa, Yamuna Srindhi, Giri, Tennis Krishna etc did a fine job in this movie as well.