Kannada news – sad story of a bride! video nodi

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In fact it is the real life delivery scene of the lead actress who played the female lead in this movie. This film told the relationship between a mother and son and a husband and wife. For the film, the lead actress who was pregnant at the time of the shot allowed the crew of the movie to shoot her delivery live, to make the movie perfect. It was actress Swetha Menon who got ready for this bold step for making her character perfect in this movie.

This movie has been directed by popular Malayalam director named Blessy, who is known for his critically acclaimed successes like Kazhcha, Thanmathra, Bhramaram, Pranayam etc. Popular Malayalam actor Biju Menon played the male lead in this above mentioned movie named Kalimannu.

Watch this video and get to know your personality based on your birth month! Interesting video. This video given here is of a Delivery scene from a Malayalam movie named Kalimannu