Beautiful Manasugalu Review

After the great appreciation got through the movie named Lucia, that successful team joined again for another movie named Beautiful Manasugalu. Jayatheertha had directed this which has been getting positive reviews from all over. After the special premiere show that was arranged for the people from Kannada Film field and other popular celebrities, many of them had opined that it was indeed one of the beautiful movies they saw in recent times. Everyone is going gaga over the performances from artists in this flick. It was just brilliant to watch when artists like Satish, Achyuth Kumar, Tabla Nani, Prashnth Siddi etc giving their best on silver screen.

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The film is primarily a love story and it revolves around a love relationship between a guy named Prashant and girl named Nandini. She is a beautician and from a lower middle class family. While things were going smoothly, some conflicts happens in their life and it ruins even the life of people around them. The film shows how the conflicts has been resolved by the hero and how he gets the love of his life back. The onscreen chemistry between the lead pair is very good and the emotional content in the plot too worked out very well.
BJ Bharath’s music was very good and it really helped the emotional scenes to get that intensity. The plot touches upon the struggles through which women goes through in their daily life, the corruption in government and also about the media culture of doing anything without any ethics to get the TRP rating high.
This is a Romantic Thriller and the directed had presented it very well. Without any doubt we can say that this movie is a winner which will satisfy everyone who loves good cinema.

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