Allama Review

Allama is the movie directed by TS Nagabharana and starred by Dhananjaya in lead role. The film revolves around the title character named Allama. Allama comes to Kalyan and Bhasavanna resides there. From there they go for a journey to get more understanding about the life of the mystic philosopher. The focus of this movie is more on Allama’s Tryst with lust, music and many more things in life.
Just like his previous movies, TS Nagabharana once again came up with a movie that tells us the rich culture, history, nativity etc of Karnataka state. For this movie named Allama, he chosen the subject of the life of 12th century icon named Allama. It was indeed a commendable effort from him even though it fell short of becoming an epic.
Even though the film begins slowly showing the meeting of Allama and Kalyan, it picks up pace eventually. It moves in a smooth pace while showing the journey of Allama from his childhood. It presented really in an interesting manner as well. But the VFX at the end does not impressed at all and it really pulled back the movie. The dialogues were good but at times were dramatic. Most of the times it was interesting but at times we may feel that it was moving like documentary. Still it maintained the interest level of the audience high till the end. It shows us the skill of the director to have tight control over the procedings.
Dhananjaya had given a terrific performance as the title character and it was his career best as well. Meghna Raj was very good as the character named Maaye and other artists too done a decent job in the movie. Sanchari Vijay, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Ramakrishna etc were the prominent ones in the cast list.
Allama, is a class movie which is very different from the regular mass masala movies which you usually get to see. So go and grab the tickets if you want to experience something different on silver screens.