Actress Parul Yadav interview after recovering from stray dog attack

Parul Yadav is one of the popular South Indian actresses who had acted in a handful of South Indian movies. But she had suffered injuries in an unfortunate incident that happened few days back, as she was attacked by stray dogs in Mumbai. She has been taken to hospital immediately after the attack from stray dogs and there she got vaccinated as well. Reports suggests that Parul went for her usual morning walk with her pet from her apartment in the suburbs of Mumbai City.

While walking along the roadside, she has been surrounded by 6 stray dogs which attacked her and her pet Dog. It seems that the stray dogs aimed the pet dog first and she caught in between them. She has been bitten all over her body, by the stray dogs.
She has been given anti-rabies vaccination at hospital and doctors said that she needs more treatment to get better. She is now getting treatments for the wounds in her body and also for the shock that she suffered due to that incident. Some reports says that she may need an operation on her head as well due to some serious wound inflicted upon her by the stray dogs.